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Solutions for social problem-solvers

The task of initiating change and creating an impact is a tall order. When you see or read impact reports, you have to realise the amount of work needed to be done to make things happen. That is why, the works of NGOs and other civil society groups, especially the small ones, are laudable.

Particularly in the Philippines, there are over 60, 000 NGOs and community-based organisations, not to mention small and unregistered groups who are doing as much in advancing the unified goal of "sustainable development". All over the world, and for decades, the sector has contribute way more than any of the other types of organisation.

Running this type of organisation is similar to running a for-profit, except on how the revenues generated are allocated and spent and the purpose-driven nature of its approach. Hence, those who are thriving and succeeding are usually backed up by the capacities that make them successful -- the entrepreneurial skills, which includes good strategy formulation, efficient operations, highly effective and creative communication, and the technological and technical skills required to excel and win in a very competitive (digital) environment.

Splice has the privilege of navigating these complexities when we launched in 2015. In fact, our group was created primarily to support Yellow Boat and BEAGIVER, now two of the most impactful NGOs and social enterprises in the Philippines. Both are generating millions of pesos every year for their social projects in their adopted communities.

We applaud founders leading impactful organisations and we understand the amount of work that is needed to continue translating passion to tangible change in our society. That is why, following our successful collaboration with Yellow Boat and BEAGIVER, we have since focused our services on empowering similar organisations by providing cost-efficient solutions that can deliver their goals and objectives.

The role of NGOs and civil society groups is very important and critical. And if we understand that, we know we have to do better, efficiently and effectively!

Help is needed to deliver help, and help is here! Feel free to explore our services and send your inquiry.

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