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Designed to spread 'Kabutihan'

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Kabutihan Farm, a quaint little eco-farm in Amadeo, Cavite has now become a popular getaway for anyone visiting the area, providing breathtaking sights and truly nostalgic ambience, while also serving a wide array of delicious Filipino cuisine that feels both familiar and wholly unique to Kabutihan, all steeming from the soul and heart of Rinngo, Owner and Chef Farmer.

The idea of Kabutihan came from his childhood love for mushrooms, particularly recounting memories of going to a burger join in Tagaytay to indulge in mushroom burger. Back then, he always wondered why the deals were always 'buy one, take one' and and not once did he see it become 'buy one, share one'. He felt that the deal was quite selfish.

These proved to be his primary inspiration for the Kabutihan Farm's premise. Mushrooms would be the centerpiece of his project which, which in Filipino Language, is translated as kabute, further solidifying his idea in his head that, like the titular mushroom, kabutihan can spring up and grow from any source but needs care and patience to cultivate kabutihan to a point where it can thrive.

“Iniisip ko na kahit sino, kayang gumawa ng kabutihan. Na kahit saan ka mapadpad, kaya mong gumawa ng kabutihan. Parang kabute na kahit saan lalabasat uusbong. Nakaka-amaze lang yung kabute para sa akin.”

These are the eager and excited words of Ringgo Anacan that inspired our creative process, from designing the brand logo, packaging and collaterals, and business modelling.

Ringgo, who worked through his humble beginnings in Cavite, trudging through menial labor as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Rome, Italy and facing discrimination, has indeed now become an immensely successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Today, Kabutihan Farm has helped provide work to neighbouring families, fed children with healthy burgers through its 'buy one, share one' model, and through its charity arm, Kabutihan Foundantion, supported the education of impoverished school children.

You can find the Kabutihan Farm at Minantok West, Amadeo, Cavite, where you can expect to be served food to fill your belly and your soul. Here’s how to find them:

FB Page:

Phone No.: 0927 697 6095 and 0906 289 9390

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