Temporary expertise for long-term benefits, consultants help organizations improve on performance. Inefficiency is costly and expert perspectives are catalysts for sustainable change and reward for your business. We have rounded up experts from different areas of business to help fail-proof your organization's future.



Olivier Amprimo, PhD

Business professional with +20 years of experience acquired in MNC, start-up and public service present in different industries, in both digitally mature and immature countries that uses...

Anton Lim, DVM, MBA

Entrepreneur and Forbes Asia’s 2016 Hero of Philanthropy with +27 years of development work experience in the Philippines. Founder of several of the country’s most impactful organizations, 

Josh Mahinay, ME

Entrepreneur with +6 years of experience working with startups and MSMEs in designing, implementing and assessing enterprise strategy. Has front-seat experience starting, growing and scaling 

Prudy Verzo

Leadership Specialist with +15 years of experience in behavioral economics and in human character development. One of the founders of an organization that deals with emotional, psychological...