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Setting up your organization for collaborations

With the desire to effect change becoming a universal direction of commercial brands and private entities, it's an opportune time for any impact organisation to facilitate change in their communities, faster and in a more sustainable manner.

In many occasions of representing and facilitating collaborations among NGOs, social enterprises and brands, below are key questions to consider in designing a collaboration:

  1. What is the immediate and compelling need in your community

  2. Which brand shares the trust of your organisation

  3. What's the mutual-benefit offer for all collaborators, and how do you make the relationship long-lasting

In the latest collaboration of our in-house organisations YBH and BEAGIVER with ASUS, thousands of students benefited from the educational hubs (ehubs) installed across the country - a total of 128 laptops were distributed along with provisions for internet connection for one year, and printers and printing kits.

But inking a collaboration is a product of many things: The trust and credibility you built, the body of work you have shown, and the tangible impact that your projects have created. On a more specific way, it is the outcome of the good graphics or visuals, videos, testimonies, impact communication, social media marketing, website, networks and relationships you made and your organisation's overall strategic approach.

Working together collaboratively can result in greater accomplishments as compared to each organisation working on its own separately.

If you'd like help in setting up your organisation to attract and acquire more collaborations, reach out to us through this contact form.

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